Horoscop capricorn 11 march

If problems occur they are likely to be related to a stomach ailment, with dairy and fat products the possible culprit. Quite often any health problem this year will have its origins back in time, and may not be new — this is a good year for finding some alternative method. You should get some relief from that soon. So, what am I saying? Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

This month may start out a little rocky, especially for those of you born near the cusp of Sagittarius. Are you ready to dump everything you hold dear just for some material success or social gain? I can bet my sweet what?

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

The rest of you may have problems of a more transient nature. Sounds pretty uncomfortable! Things are still going great with you and you should have the luck of the Irish at the beginning of the month. I know how much you like to stick to the traditional way of doing things, but later on it might be a good thing for you to try something a little strange. Just kick back and let some new ideas seep into your mind no matter how repugnant that concept may seem to you.

In your case, however, it could get kind of confusing.

Money & Career Horoscope

Your job may be demanding a lot of your time and attention. It may not make everybody happy, but so what? Happy Easter! This would be a fabulous time to plan a party or picnic. So, stick your wieners in some buns and freak out! June is busting out all over, and so are you—with good fortune, that is.

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It may even seem to you that circumstances bend to your will and you may start feeling that you can do no wrong. At this point, you can probably get away with it! You could come up against a lot of opposition for the first part of this month, especially if you also have Capricorn rising. You can either take these conflicts personally or you can turn that frown upside-down and see it as a learning experience. Yeah, right! Sagittarius cuspers may meet a man or teacher around mid month who will help you achieve your goals.

But that would take all the fun out of it.

The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Some of you will still have some interesting opportunities coming your way. You may meet a man or a teacher who can help you reach your objectives—again. Some of you will have a couple of days toward the end of the month when your panties could get twisted all in a knot. Sagittarius cuspers will probably still be moving ahead with their goals, with a little help from unexpected sources. A lot of you will be enjoying a streak of good luck, at least for the first week or two of the month.

Venus, the planet of love is in Capricorn until 20th December, giving her plenty of time to not just update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for but to exploit the potential available on both fronts. Matters of the heart will get their chance when the Moon moves through your romantic sector from 8th December to 10th December and your relationships will get their chance, when the Moon moves through your relationship sector from 13th December to 15th December.

It is business as usual on both sides of the financial fence as you move into the final month of the year, as you would expect. With the Sun always returning to your income sector in January, it is not until the New Year that there is usually a chance to look at new income options. With all planetary activity in your financial sector, where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have over for several months now, there should not be a lot of focus on either side of the financial front this month. The Moon will return to your income sector in the very early hours of the month and until leaving on 3rd December, will sharpen your nose for money and give you a lucrative sense of direction from the get go.

It is two weeks later that the Moon will make its last visit to your financial sector for the year, from 15th December to 17th December. Apart from fuelling your financial instincts and imagination, this will be a chance to take care of any financial housekeeping. Even after both these visits there will be nothing to suggest the money gods have any more wildcards up their sleeve. Returning this late in the year means that Venus will spend the rest of and the first two weeks of here, ending one financial year and starting the next under some of the most potentially lucrative conditions of any year.

The Moon will return for its last visit to your income sector for the year on 28th December and while it will be gone by the time you move into the New Year, it will ensure you end this year with a sharp nose for money and with the planet of money on board. While this is a huge month for you personally with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto coming together in Capricorn for the first time in our lifetime, this is also the kind of professional month that falls right in the Goldilocks zone.

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There is just enough to get excited about but not enough to create demands or interfere with your ability to take your work and professional hats off over the holiday period. Gemini Back to top Daily Forecast 'Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Capricorn daily horoscope - 3 December 12222

Such hard truths are never easy to deal with. Who wouldn't have some serious self-esteem issues if they knew their mirror was judging them! As Jupiter settles into a new sign it empowers you with self-confidence. It's time to trust that you are the fairest of them all Cancer Back to top Daily Forecast We don't choose which stories the news channels decide to pick up and run with.

Neither do we decide on the weather we're going to have. We can't make the writers of our favourite TV shows change what happens to our preferred characters either. That's a long list of things we can't control. So, does this mean that our every ambition is set to end in disappointment? Of course not. Every now and then, as you're about to see, the cosmos reminds us of how much is possible when we really try.

Capricorn Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Leo Back to top Daily Forecast Although some people choose to do things that society deems to be wrong, most of us want to do the right thing. When you think of how often you set out to do what's right, but end up getting it wrong, I wonder if the same thing but in reverse happens to the evildoers? It must be extremely irritating when your wicked plans end up doing good! Recently, you've been finding it frustratingly difficult to achieve a noble goal.

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  5. Today, Jupiter brings a clear sign that you're on the right path. Virgo Back to top Daily Forecast Some psychoanalysts encourage their clients to go back to their childhoods. They believe that our anxieties are rooted deep in the past, and that by examining our early experiences we can untie emotional knots and free ourselves to move forwards. Other therapists take a different approach.

    They prefer to tackle each problem as a stand-alone issue. It's not for me to judge which method is best. All I can see, is that you won't have to take many steps back before you can surge ahead. Libra Back to top Daily Forecast What inspires you? What do you dream of achieving? How confident are you that your hopes and wishes will be fulfilled? The paradox, is that if you imagine that an aspiration is going to come true, part of you automatically starts to work with the sense of inevitability.