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The Gemini man is not always easy to live with. Phone relationships suit him well, since Gemini rules the voice and communication. He then eats an entire package of ham, which he wraps around hot dogs and shares with the dog. The Gemini man absorbs so much information that he gets easily overwhelmed.

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I need to know where I am so I can make an informed decision. When and if things get routine, you need only ask him a smart question or solicit his opinion about something happening in the news. The Gemini man always has an opinion. It just means he thinks your question was inane and not worth dignifying with a thoughtful answer.

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But so is thunder and lightning. Oh, brother. Copyright , Tali and Ophira Edut. All rights reserved. Get the Horoscope Guide! The Gemini Men are the chameleons of the Zodiac and, as such, these men are far different from the initial front or facade they might present to the world; these creatures are both fickle and steadfast, wild and relaxed, adventurous and timid, chaotic and peaceful, or wise and fool-hearty… the extremes go on and on!

Well, one thing is for sure… you are, without a doubt, getting more bang for your buck when it comes to a Gemini! Mercury wears the winged sandals and winged hat. He is the messenger of the gods and the deity ruling over communications of all kinds. Those who Mercury rules by Mercury are intelligent, perhaps a genius in some way, but particularly when expressing themselves about something in which they hold great passion for… a Gemini Man does so love to express themselves! No worries here Ladies if you are looking to get Geminis to step up and tell you how they feel about you… or about anything for that matter!

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With innate mercurial characteristics, your Gemini Man is a thinker. The Gemini Man is one who enjoys spending time reflecting, learning, thinking, assimilating knowledge and learning new things, but his energy can come across as high strung… almost like those small breeds of purebred dogs that threaten to drive you nuts with their incessant high-pitched bark at nothing at all.

Your Gemini Man is, therefore, in motion all the time. He might seem restless to the point of appearing as if there is anxiety brewing just beneath the surface!

The Gemini Guy in Zodiac Compatibility

In fact, when his ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde, brace yourself for all hell to break loose! He is apt to feel as if everything he does, and touches is in danger of falling apart! Not to worry too much, though, once the planet is no longer retrograde, your Gemini Man will go right back the way he was before the astrological event.

Think about the Gemini Man and his propensity for the extremes… and now… add the word extremes to the words in the bedroom. One day he might be as gentle as a mouse and the next… WHOA! When did you start dating Christian Grey? One night you are making love, the next addressing carnal desires ever so vigorously with the King of Kink! If you are hooking up with a Gemini, the bedroom ends up being a laboratory with regular and ongoing experiments, and you best be ready, as his lab assistant, to try some new things.

Bet you had no idea you were dating a paradox, huh? Where there are extremes and opposites, it is there you can find yourself a Gemini, trying to decide which end of the scale he wants to take up at the time. Geminis are a free spirit. They have endless love for learning triggered by their intense curiosity.

Some of his favorite times to speak is when he is imparting wisdom or showing someone the depth of his knowledge on any subject! Geminis can seem indecisive at times since they are prone to shift between extremes. Your Gemini Man might take a stance or position on something, prove quite vocal about it, and within 24 hours he has changed his mind and is making it known. Geminis not only have a spectacular sense of curiosity, but learning is their forte, and they are multi-taskers in every sense of the word!

What some consider chaos the Gemini consider a Monday morning challenge after his first cup of coffee! You know those people who seem to have bits and bytes of the most remote trivia ever, and if you were to play Trivial Pursuit with them, you would lose? These creatures have spent their entire life absorbing everything they can, so intense is their appreciation for learning. He appreciates lectures, schooling, special activities after school, study groups, libraries, bookstores, watching the news, reading the newspaper: Anything allowing him to absorb knowledge.

The Gemini Man is there to soak it up like a sponge! The home life of the Gemini may reflect his inconsistent nature and his indecisiveness, that is unless he has a wonderful partner who can take care of all the interior decorating. If so, he does he appreciates her for her skills! The Gemini Man wants a comfortable environment, but often he spends more time in his head then he does focusing on the condition of his external surroundings.

Therefore, he might end up unintentionally neglecting his physical surroundings by filling it up with sources of knowledge, be it tons of newspapers, literature, magazines, and books. Even in the modern age of technology where many things are available digitally, the modern-day Gemini Man is quite happy to tap into a good old fashion book. Instead, show him that you care by making him feel secure with you. He has most likely had a lot of losses in his life already if he is acting like that.

Let him know that you are not going to go anywhere and that you do love him. He often wants to know details about what you are up to. Instead, he is saying that he is afraid to lose you. Gemini men love to hear what you know about them. If you tell him that you care for him, he wants to know why.

He hopes that you will be different from others that he has dated before in the past. Study the western astrology signs and let him know that you have insight about the zodiac calendar.

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He wants to see that you know more than he does. Gemini men like to feel and be challenged. A Gemini in love is someone that gives of themselves. They expect the same in return. He wants to know that he is accepted by your family and friends. Gemini men love to get pampered. He likes to get foot massages and hugs on the sofa while watching TV. He wants to know that you have similar interests as he does. Try making him some salsa dip while he is watching his favorite sports team on television. Gemini men like to know that you are with them because you seek their love and cherish who they are as a person.

They want to know that you are willing to do nice things for them because you care for them completely. They want to know that you give them inner peace and a new beginning.

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Get him to start laughing by telling him jokes that you learned as a child. He has a good sense of humor and knows how much you care for him. You can make him happy by telling him what pleases you. Gemini men often work hard to make the woman he is with happy. He wants to know that he is putting a smile on your face. What excites you and let him know how often he should communicate with you. The more that you lead the conversation, the better you will be together. You will both feel like you are learning something new about one another every single time.

Its important that he sees you as being someone that is more down to earth and easy to talk to. Try to not ask him to many questions.